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Amanda Hernandez

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ART-instructor: LOURdes aguilar

  • I have lived in El Paso most of my life, since I was six.

  • I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada for a couple of months but returned to El Paso due to a family emergency.

  • Art has always been a part of my life.

  • I studied Graphic Art in High School and received an Associates Degree from Community College in Graphic Design.

  • I worked as a graphic artist at an advertising agency, then worked as an illustrator at Fort Bliss for nine years.

  • I finally became an Art teacher 23 years ago.

  • My personal goal in this after school art program is to reach students who need an outlet after school. It is important to help them feel part of this community, to feel pride in their heritage and their roots.  Involving students in the creative process will help them take ownership and build their self-esteem.


Welcome everyone! 



ART-instructor: NORA REYES

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  • Biography

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