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The Socorro mural located on Horizon Blvd. is one of our many SY!C projects. The mural was collaboratively designed by SY!C youth, artists, and the Socorro community, and painted by our team of talented artists.  Through this piece, the SY!C youth wanted to show their pride for their community so they decided to show everyone that comes and visits a great big welcome.


The letters are the main focus; they show pictures that define our community and culture. And did we mention that these ideas came from our very own community? We started with just a blank wall that had been previously vandalized and tagged. We asked everyone in Socorro to submit an idea for how the letters should be filled in, and they gave us the most spectacular entries. This mural came from them. It represents our indigenous heritage, agricultural past, and the pride we feel for where we come from, and hopes for where we will go in the future. 


So if you ever get the chance, go check out the Socorro mural! It is located on Horizon Blvd. between North Loop and Alameda. Make sure to pose and take some pictures! And don't forget to tag us with the #SYICart and #IAmSocorro hashtags! We love seeing our community come together!



Muralists Tino Ortega and Paola Martinez unveiled their Census Mural Tuesday, September, 29, 2020 at Moon City Park in Socorro. The mural was funded by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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